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May 07, 2007


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I liked the book Lovely Bones as well once I got that gruesome scene out of my head. Every time I hear of a young girl's body found I just keep seeing that scene in my head again. Ah...I'd kill someone for that.

Anyway...I wondered about Freedom Writers and I can't wait to see Dreamgirls...mostly for Eddie Murphy.


I've visited Flikr photo collections of various people and it didn't impress me either.
The bones book sounds interesting.

I just rolled my head around and yup, my neck creaks too.

I think I'll just keep it to myself, I hear my snoring (a vicious rumor) is annoying enough.
No need to add to the list of annoying things ...


I have not tried Flickr, but I love Picasa.

I read Lovely Bones and liked it, and I saw Dreamgirls in the theater and loved it!! Maybe it is a movie you need to see on a big screen.

Old Horsetail Snakeo

I have never run across anything as high-falutin' as Nora Efron. My good.


I've read both Ephron's book as well as "The Lovely Bones". I have quite a bit of Ephron's work here at my house having begun reading her years ago when I came across a copy of "Crazy Salad". LOVE HER and wish she was my neighbor. The Sebold book was good too, though I had reservations just like you. I actually read the first chapter standing up in the bookstore, ready to slam the covers shut at a moment's notice if the words got too graphic for me. I can't deal with books/movies where children are harmed. Yet, like you, I became oddly comforted by this book and its take on death and the afterlife. It's not necessarily what I would call a "pass around" book, given that people's fears and feelings about death are so different, but when I hear a person has started to read it, I always encourage them to finish it.


I echo what Wordgirl said ... I am really sensitive to stories where children are harmed, so when my daughters both recommended The Lovely Bones to me, I hesitated, but finally decided they wouldn't steer me wrong.

They didn't. It's a lovely, lovely book, very comforting and warm in spite of a gruesome beginning.

I held DreamGirls in my hand at the video store last weekend, but instead chose "The Last King of Scotland" with Forrest Whitaker playing the part of Ugandan tyrant Idi Amin. Powerhouse performance and a powerful movie.

The same could be said (and has been, by just about everyone) of Helen Mirren's performance as Queen Elizabeth in The Queen. An amazing movie about a woman forced to balance her own sense of duty and propriety against the wishes of the people of her nation. I loved every second of it - one of those movies where you keep glancing at the clock and thinking "Oh, no ... it's going to end soon."

A far less satisfying movie was "Smokin' Aces". A great cast, but essentially a shoot 'em up gorefest. I love "caper movies", where a bunch of interesting characters move through the film, all converging on the same spot at the same time for what should be a thrilling climax. In this case, the sheer volume of weaponry and ammunition took all the cleverness out of the equation, and we were left with yelling, shooting, and explosions.

For lightweight fun (and I have never in my life recommended a Ben Stiller movie, because generally I put them in the same category as Adam Sandler, Paulie Shore, and the collected works of Tom Green - in other words, no-brow, juvenile booger-joke fests), you could do worse than A Night At The Museum. It amused the hell out of me.

And finally, for your consideration, try "For Your Consideration". Yet another from Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy (Spinal Tap, Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind), this is brilliant, subtly savage parody at Hollywood's expense. VERY funny.


I loved The Lovely Bones, too...and I feel the same way you do about I Feel Bad About My Neck. The first chapter was SO funny and SO good I wanted to love the rest of the book too...but I couldn't.

I LOVE your new design, that picture is STUNNING!!!


I loved The Lovely Bones! I thought it was very well told, or rather narrated, which made it a refreshing read from the norm. That neck book I must read sometime. I have a Rice Krispy neck, lol!


Carolyn, snap, crackle, pop? That's exactly what mine sounds like. I'll have to remember that one! LOL..

Janet, thanks. :))))
(And I still haven't picked the book back up again either.)

Nils, I just took notes. time to hit netflix with the lot of these. Thank youuuuuuuuu!!
I just thought of a new career for you, btw. Not that you need one, but this is too perfect to pass up.
I will be in touch, pronto.


I have not seen Dream Girls. But, we loved Freedom Writers. I want to read their stories now and have to remember to get the book from the library.


I love Flickr, but it is draining to look at groups. I do it when I get bored but then it gets old. I make sure i turn all photos before I upload them and then upload and add them into whatever folder I already have or make a new folder. I personally like it as an archival storage, but dislike having to pay! It is neat for making things to display on blogs too, (well, google "bighugelabs" or "FlickrToys" and you'll click on the link and you can make things). Anyway, I like looking at your Flickr photos!

I loved the Lovely Bones. Very good novel. You really get into the novel and it is disturbing too. Another good novel, but it kinda fell apart in the end was The Memory Keeper's Daughter. If you are in for the long haul I recommend "Outlander" and the entire series. Be prepared to sit down and read for five months because they are THAT GOOD. :) *promise*.


Misti, thanks for these recommendations. Several people have recommended The Memory Keeper's Daughter as well. I'll have to check that out and I'll definitely take a look at the Outlander. I've been looking for a good book to lose myself in for awhile!
Also, thanks for the heads up on bighugelabs!

Nancy, their stories should be very interesting to read first hand. It did cause me to look at the whole gang issue in a different light.

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