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May 14, 2007


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Way to go. Don't be too hard on the manager. He's the "hands off" type who doesn't want to micromanage every job.

I saw your smoke pic and could relate. We actually got a wonderful rain at Pure Florida HQ yesterday evening.



FC, Congrats on the rain, and send it up here, will ya? We need it bad!
The skies are clear again, but they're saying that could change. what a season!
Fats the cat is currently retired from micromanagement, btw. He has tenure. ;)


We got some much needed rain yesterday AND today here in Broward!

I'd come help you with the yard, but Stage 2 sounds like hard work, and my yard looks like a failed everglades project. ;)


I'd come to visit, but I'd be afraid I'D end up shredded ...


The garden manager appears to like my computer-guard's favorite pose! Neither one of them is worth a plug nickle, I'd wager.

Good for you with the rusty saw and the tree. We have a few that need felling, if you're so inclined.


I have a weed tree right outside my bedroom window. It's been cut out several times, but the damn thing just keeps coming back.

I'll come help you if you come help me!


Well here in Phlemville, Tx, it's against the law to plant trees anywhere there *might* be a pool, now or in the future. Bad JuJu trees with droppy things. Baaaad!

Old Horsetail Snake

You might not be looking for me. I can't stand that type of tree and I am even more allergic to forced labor.

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