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May 28, 2007


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I hope you got back to sleep. :yawn: I've tossed and turned through the night a few times, I refuse to get upor give in to the insomnia. I'm stubborn like that.

I'm sorry to hear Rick is having back pain. It sounds like it's going to require a shot of pain killer/muscle relaxant to get the pressure off of the nerve. :/ Ow.

Sara Sue

You know what I'm going to say ... I'll keep it clean for the family. I usually get up and come read blogs. :) Hope you guys get some pain relief today and some sleep!


I had a bout like that about 14 years ago after a hiking trip with students. A student was getting all wishywashy with the heat, so I said give me your back pack (full size, not book bag) and I'll carry it the rest of the way ... a couple of miles.
I set it atop my own pack and my head horizontally and hiked on.
The next morning I bent over to tie my shoes and someone stuck a knife in my lower back ... or at least it felt that way.
I was crippled for a couple of days, and then it gradually got better.
It was a slightly herniated disc. Doc said, "we can see if it will improve on it's own or we can operate". The possible side effects of operating ... incontinence, and uh other problems ... made me choose "let's see what happens if we let it be".

It gradually got better to the point where I don't think about it unless I'm about to lift something stupid. Nowadays, I grab a kid to assist, where I used to just hulk it myself.

Point is, it's great now. I work out to keep a strong core and I keep the weight off.
In Rick's photos, he looks like he's a lean mean Dad machine.
That'll make his recovery easier, it's the extra padding most Americans carry that wrecks their backs.
I hope he gets relief soon.
Damn, I should have went to med school.

If I wake up at 3:30 ... I go fishing.


Try to get the kids back to sleep quickly so I can go back to sleep. ;)

I hope Rick is feeling better soon.

Hmm, Motrin, Rum and Coke, huh? That sounds good... and I don't even have back pain. ;)


I hope you got some more sleep before you had to start flipping burgers. When I wake up, I either read or blog, but sometimes I just have to go to the den and watch TV. That usually puts me back to sleep.


After hearing about poor Rick's bout with pain and no relief in sight till tomorrow....I think you'll enjoy reading the blog entry I've done up for this Thursday. Sure hope he gets rid of the discomfort soon! That's not pleasant.
Oh, that fire sounded terrible and that poor dog!
I generally don't have a hard time sleeping. Had you been up last week when the puppy had me up at 4 a.m....I'd have given you a She's now sleeping till 6 a.m. Much better!


At that time of night, if I can't sleep I just come down to the computer and browse and surf and look for someone I know who's also not able to sleep. Any later than that ... I go golfing.

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