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May 21, 2007


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Speaking of Judy Garland, there is an an exciting new group on Yahoo called The Judy Garland Experience. The group features ever changing and always amazing audio files. Currently, along with some of Judy's 1950's radio work we are featuring full length concerts of her with the original Rat Pack, her 1967 free concert on the Boston Common, songs and interviews from her aborted role in Valley Of The Dolls, and much more. The group also features rare photo's, lively discussions, and the most eclectic and interesting gathering of Garland fans anywhere!
The group features fans of all levels, new and hardcore, Garland family members, other celebrities, people who knew Judy, author's historian's, film maker's, and more! The only thing missing is you! Please stop by our little Judyville and check it out, you may never want to leave!


I don't bother with roses because I can come here and see yours!


Thanks Buzz. All in fairness, I'm really not into Judy Garland. My daughters bought the plant for me for Mother's Day because of the color of the flowers. :)

FC, sure thing!


How beautiful! I see roses at the garden center but have never tried them... Might now, though. ;)


Thanks for posting the info anyway. But I must say, your daughters sure bought you the prettiest Rose plant ever!
I hope you enjoy it (and maybe it will soften your feelings towards Judy, just a little)


I love the second pic! So beautiful.

Old Horsetail Snake

Well, excuse me, but is that coffee organic? If not, you are lading your rose with pesticides once-removed. I sure hope I am wrong about this, because I know you got green in your bones.


Holy shit those are beautiful roses... Wow.


LOL Hoss, I hadn't even thought of that! While I'm all for going green, the fact is, I'm just too lazy to deal with all the chemicals that some of the garden manuals recommend.
The roses seem to do best on Dunkin Donuts coffee grounds, too. j/k ;)

Buzz, the newspaper said that "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was sung at a local high school graduation this past weekend. That should make ya proud. :)

Pam, try putting them in pots, much easier. Good luck!

Thanks Kelli and Judy!


I tried to post last night and my computer did not like me.

This flower is so beautiful!


Gorgeous ... both the picts and the subjects ...

cathy S.

I have all mine planted in the ground and they do okay without pesticides or fungicides. And I use manure (which I have plenty of), for fertilizer. Unfortunately, they cannot grow without being watered more than once a week and with watering restrictions, it is hard to get 54 bushes watered enough. We need rain soon!

Deana (Me)

I am going to throw some coffee grounds around mine. I bought this beautiful coral colored bush back in early was blooming away and then I planted it. And all the blooms started to fade so I cut them off, assuming they would be like other flowers. I refuse pesticides and I know nothing about roses. I just wanted to try. Now I don't have any buds. I've added good dirt, mulch, kept it watered. The leaves are very healthy but no buds?


Cathy, the water restrictions are driving me nuts also!! We are down to one day a week, and by the middle of the week, our plants are just wilting something awful. :(

She is right about the manure, too. Roses love it!!!

Deana, I'm not an expert at roses, but my first thought was, since the leaves are healthy, is it getting enough sun?

Secondly, give the bush enough time to settle in to its new home. It might be that the plant is putting more energy into establishing a good root system at the moment.
And finally, pruning after the flower blooms is very good for the bush, so you did the right thing in cutting the flowers. I would check some rose web sites to see what they suggest.
You can also apply a rose fertilizer and see if that helps. Good luck!

Deana (Me)

I had thought maybe it wasn't getting enough sun. When we planted it the limbs on the trees above it had no leaves. Now that the leaves are out I am afraid it doesn't get enough direct sunlight. I've been trying to get my husband out with his chainsaw to cut one of the limbs that hangs over my bush. Now I will push him harder!

Thank you so much!


Amazing looking rose! And I'll note your suggestions. To think you grew it in a container! MY kind of gardening.

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