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June 02, 2007


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I had a letter of commendation all penned, but I hold the congrats until you actually do go catkite flying.

Here, it's rain and moderate winds, all grey and still hovering at the dawn temp of 66.

About your first Barry post, you aren't kidding. Where did this storm come from? I'm just glad it did, the rain has been wonderful here.
Any rain would be wonderful, but this has been hours of soaking rains.

I'm taking the JEEP our for some puddle splashing ... she's forgotten what splashing feels like.


We need that rain in the worst way, so I hope he slows down and comes our way with about 5-6 inches of it!

Thanks for the link to the Windows XP trouble-shooting. I have saved it and will study it when I have more time. Like he said, don't do anything if you aren't sure what you are doing - and nothing describes me better (at least where the computer is the subject!!)


Hi and Bye to Barry....he visited us here and dumped a significant amount of rain, which was great. No thunder or lightening, but windy.
About noon, the rain stopped, so guess Barry has headed on. Nice and cool here and all my plants got watered, so I'm happy.


Man was it ever humid this afternoon after Barry's remenants left us. It rained from 1pm yesterday until early this morning and spitted until about 2. Ahhh, rain!!!


roflMAO about the cat!!!

Glad you're ok, tho.

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