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June 29, 2007


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Gosh ... have you been away? I hadn't noticed. (g)

Personally, I think you should focus your fundraising efforts on household appliances and let Britt work the concession stand for Colour Guard.

All I can say is, good to have you back. Oh, and have a very happy Canada Day, darlin'.


Your busy level sounds like my busy level. Having kids is tiring! I found a little dog last night. My dogs were barking their fool heads off, and a little cocker (NOT a pit bull - that would have been a call to animal control) named Buzz came wandering around. He had his name and phone numbers on his collar. His mommy came and got him within 10 minutes. Reminds me that I need to retag my two!


Wow, you've been busy!!! Interesting read, though, and isn't that what all good blog fodder should be? LOL!

Hope to see more of you soon!


I'm surprised you found the time to write this! That frog photo is a winner. We used to have 3-4 on our kitchen window every night - but they haven't been back in 4-5 years.

You were lucky with the dryer. We had to buy a new one when that happened here. Mr. kenju would have NO idea of how to install anything.

sara sue

Talk about making up for lost time! You go girl! Nice to have you back and give Britt my best with the color guard! I LOVE that pic of the frog and I'm not quite sure about little bunny foo foo there.

Thanks for the thorough update, hope things calm down enough for you to post more often, I missed you!!


Whew....I'm tired just reading all you've been up to and all the snags with appliances, hurt backs, etc.
On the ad thing....I'm definitely interested for placing a business card for our vacation rental up here. Send me an email with details please! And I'll send you the business card and check. Thanks!
And YOU rest and have a good, and quiet weekend. Really glad you're okay there....just busy.

Old Horsetail Snake

The reason we (human males) don't go to the doctor is because we know we will get well if we just hit on the right OTC drugs. The fact this never happens does not come into play the next time we get sick.

Listen: You want some help for band camp? Will be glad to send you a check. Send me your address at my email: Really.


Nils, when Britt turns 16, she can legally work the concession stand. And at that point, I'm signing her up for full-time work. lol. j/k
Happy Canada Day to YOU too... best day on earth, imo. !

Lass, I used to have the worst luck with cocker spaniels when I worked for an animal hospital a long time ago, back in another century. That was the breed that snapped at us more often than other breeds, lol. They never attacked... rather, they were just more snappish than most.

Pam, hope so too. I was in the mood for talking and it was a quiet night around here. So I just kept, typing. LOL!

Kenju, you're right. We are VERY lucky that he can fix these things. Saves us a lot of money.
I thought you'd like the frog pic, too. ;)

Sara, I had a hard time getting back into blogging, believe it or not. Finally I decided not to do a theme post and just write....whatever!
huggs! Miss you too ;)

Terri,quiet weekend? I can't wait for Monday. Britt and her gf are having a guard party tomorrow and we're joining her friend's parents in hauling 30 guard members and staff/parents to an island near here for a beach party. I've been cooking and shopping all day. I'm BEAT! lol
Thank you for the ad idea! I'll email you about it. I think your beach house ad would definitely draw second looks in the publication.

Hoss, or is it that men (ok, "some" men, not all men) just seem to think it's one more thing they can fix themselves, so rather than call the doctor, they try to heal themselves with their own remedy? Cause IT AINT WORKING! lol
I can't thank you enough for your offer! But seriously, noooo money! Your friendship is support enough, Hoss. It means a lot to me.


Glad to hear everything is just SNAFU, and y'all are okay.
We guys don't go to the doctor, 'cause:
a) it's embarrassing.
b) he/she might find something we didn't even know about and then we'd really be sick.
c) shots

That about covers it, Rick may have some other reasons to add.
About your band parenting work. I don't know if it's a private or public school, but it doesn't really matter ... what matters to a school is parental involvement like you are doing. Not just fundraising, but the time you donate.
It's priceless and it's a sign of a good, strong school.

It's kind of sad when they decide they can do without those stuffed animals ain't it?


It's summer things should slow down not get busier. I feel like today, July 1, I can breathe. Things are not quite as insane.

That frog is so cute I cannot stand it.


lol cool frog pic! He's missing a couple fingers, tho!


You have been a busy girl!!!! Perhaps your "trials" are over for the summer and you can enjoy the rest of it! :)


That is one very long lame excuse for not posting, girlie... ;D

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