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June 04, 2007


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That spider sounded huge...sure hope he gets banished FAST! Have to agree...NO way would I sleep in that room until I was sure he was gone.
But guess what "I" saw yesterday on my road? We're driving out and there...right the middle of the road....a rattle snake! Had never seen one in person my entire life! No mistaking it...perfectly cut diamonds on his back!
I'll trade ya!


PS...and wouldn't ya know...I didn't have my camera with me. NOT that I would have gotten out of the car for a photo!


"...this one was the type that jumps out at you."

From there on you lost me. I know you guys went bowling, and to Publix, but after that line it's a blank.



Ew ew ew! I would have done the exact same thing! Some spiders I can kill, but that one would have been WAY outside my "squish it" threshold.


Update, hub went in there, CLOSED the door, and proceeded to slam his boat shoe repeatedly against the wood floors, as if he were in a big fight. Real dramatic, aren't we.
If he had been doing it that way, the body would have been squished all over the walls.

I slid a bamboo stick under the door and wiggled it around. He opened it up and came running out with the spider. Britt was GONE in a NY second.

As it was, he did catch the thing and got rid of it. Said it was a tad feisty.
(hmmm, why is feisty spelled with an "ei" instead of "ie" ?)

Terri, Rick used to catch rattlesnakes in the late winter/early spring when they're sluggish. I was always afraid he'd get bit, especially given that we lived a good 30 minutes from the nearest hospital.
He always let them go, however. His wife would nag him something awful about it.
They're common up in N. Fla, that's for sure. All those piney woods and palmettos are habitat!
I usually just give them a wide berth. Very wide.

Pam, I know.. I had hard enough time typing the post! LOL.

Kelli, squish factor, yech.


um...UGH! I had two encounters with spiders this past weekend...I almost TOUCHED one in the bathtub and the other ran over my hand. YUCK!


Man, they creep me out too. That was probably a huntsman spider. Very fast and a wide legspread.
I had one upstairs once that chased an entire slumber party of girls downstairs.

It now sits in a jar of alcohol in my classroom.


oh man, just got a shiver...yuck! Don't blame you at all about waiting for your husband to take care of it...just shows how sensible you are!


In a weird coninkydink, I just turned on my closet light to find a 3 inch huntsman on the wall near the switch.

Good thing my dive knife was right there.

I did not tell my wife that it ran off minus a leg or two.


Spiders are the worst and especially when they are big and hairy. I would have fainted in the bathroom!


FC, I looked up the huntsman spider on Google and it does look as if that's what we had on the wall. Thanks for the ID. I wasn't sure what type of spider it was, or if the bite was poisonous. Rick reminded me that they were more common in our house in G'ville, a fact that I had conveniently put out of my mind. We had a lot of them in our garage where he used to store sheets of plywood.

Sandy, Janet and Judy, I hope this post didn't give you the heebie jeebies! ;)


I'm a wuss too! Right with you on that one!

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