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June 07, 2007


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sara sue

How can this be so beautiful, haunting, and sad, all at the same time?


wow, that photo is amazing!


It's really sad to me that we allow things like that to happen.


That photo is surreal. I hope public awareness surges and the river can be saved.


I tubed the 'Tucknee just last week and entered the tube the same way you described by the way.

It was an overcast day, and I floated instead of spending the whole time snorkeling as is my habit. It gave me time to observe, think, and compare. I've been coming to the 'Tucknee since I was in the 7th grade ...1970. At that time it was not the park managed attraction it is now and the bottom was trashy with litter, but the water was air clear with a bluish, not greenish hue.
It's still a gorgeous river, but the tint now is green, the sparkly white bottom not so sparkly white, and the clear water not up to air standards.
This river is like a beautiful woman with the preflu sniffles. She's sick, but she's still so beautiful, nobody's paying attention to how she feels.

Old Horsetail Snake

So I guess this is one more place where they tell you "Don't drink the water."


Re the names: Laura is another one I might have chosen for myself. That song has always haunted me since I learned it play it on the piano.

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