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June 04, 2007


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holy MOG that thing is HUGE! But what a waste.


I agree with you. Take a video of the shark and the men who caught it and them let it go back home.


This is why I only let my crew out to swim on those clear shallow sandbars where I can see anything sharky approaching from afar.

That was a magnificent Bull. It could have been released, but hey, then there'd be no picture in the paper and 15 minutes of fame.

Apparently, the fisherman has never tasted shark or he would have bled, filleted, and iced down this Bull's meat right after he caught it.

He has essentially become a finner, killing a shark for some small portion and wasting the body, ... and the life of the shark.

As it is, he's a trophy hunter and I've never had much tolerance for them.


I did an internship in 2000 catching Kemp's ridley sea turtles along with the occassional green. We set out entanglement nets in Texas and Louisiana and our bycatch was on a lot of days bull sharks. None that big, but in the good 6-10 foot size. Pretty crazy when I look back it. That and humongo atlantic and cownose stingrays.!


Holy cow, that's a big shark! Really? That really happened? Yikes...


Holy cats! NOW we're talking huge. Makes that rattle snake I saw look like a mouse.
I was also very surprised about Donovan's switch in plans....and letting go of all that money.


Update: Turns out the guys wife is less than impressed by his catch! She's a card carrying member of the PETA and had been urging him to throw it back into the bay.

Misti, now that sounds like my kind of internship! How did you get the sharks out of the net? That must have taken some doing!

FC, I thought shark meat wasn't a very good tasting? I know that black tip shark is good, but I thought the other types tasted bad. 'Course, I've never tasted bull shark meat, not sure if I want to, either.


With shark meat, you really have to bleed and ice them quickly or the urea in their system turns to ammonia and your filets taste like that full diaper pail you forgot to empty before the weekend trip to Sanibel.

I'm not pushing eating sharks tho, I generally release the poor things. Black Tips and Bulls are so closely related that I would expect Bull to be as good... but size does matter with fish and a small one is probably tastier.


Doesn't pass the smell test. What novice fisherman uses 80-pound test and a 6 pound bonita for bait... OFF A DOCK?!?!?!?!?!


Jeff, yep. I figure the cousin might have set him up with the rig. For instance, where did he get the Bonita? How did he know to use that kind of bait? His cousin is the dock owner and says he's caught 200 to 300 lb. bull sharks off the dock before, so I can only assume the cousin set him up.


AWESOME! I don't think I'll have anything like that in the pond!!!


I love baby seal turtle eggs for breakfast wrapped in shark fin.


that is just cruel


Awesome?!ur minds r screwed up!

Micheal smith

Wow that thing is huge!!!!! the guy was not smart he should of got it on tape.

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