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June 11, 2007


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haysus, those are EIGHTH graders? Damn.


That's FANTASTIC! You guys did a great job! :)


Yeah, I've been chanting "Four more years!" for oh, about eight years.


Good job! That was a good decorating job there and you look great!


You are a lovely lady, and one half of very indulgent parents.
Congratulations--such a busy couple weeks you've had!

As to the 4 more years, it doesn't quit. Middle Son came home Memorial Day and announced which PhD program he will attend (of three accepted him).

Whenever I feel an urge for some 'grandma' time, I have to take a turn in the church nursery and hold a baby.

Old Horsetail Snake

That's pretty elaborate for 8th graders. What you spose you got on tap for 12th grade? I hate to think....


Super decorations. Three more years here!

Of course, I'll be paying for two in college during those 3 years and then I get to start all over again. arrrgghhhh!

You and Rick clean up well!

sara sue

Great pictures, Laura! I can't believe how fast they grew up ... (sniff)

You look MARVELOUS, dahling! So does, Rick, you're both none the worse for wear!


Holy smokes is right! Where the @#&* has the
time gone? Britt is a very pretty young lady.Sean went to his 8th grade dance at Club Med resort in Stuart. He was so stressed out before the dance-had a small meltdown(too much stress getting into a suit and all). But after the dance it was so funny to hear him go on about dancing with this one "hot girl" in a red dress who was wearing black eyeliner. Laura we are too young to have kids going into high school. ANyway, it looks like you and RIck are some of the COOL Parents helping out with all that stuff!


Yep! That is what 8th graders look like this year. You do have some talented parents. WOW!

Our theme was casino or magic, I was not sure. But, it looked great and the kids had fun. They demolished the chocolate foutain.


Wow...I'm impressed with such artistic decorating ability! The place looked great.
But I had to chuckle at what you said, "Four more years" Hmmm....Take it from me....maybe the school days are over, but all of it only continues in other ways. It just kinda goes with the


HA HA That is funny! You think only 4 more years, no way! There is more; lots more. Then comes the son/dtr-in-law more worry; then the babies, the fun! And guess what never does the wonderful emotions up & down ever end. I am a grandma of a set of twin 3 yr olds and two teens 15 & 13 so I speak from experience! Oh I loved the party admosphere sp? So much work - so much fun. To be young again - who needs it. Hee hee


Somebody give that man a razor!!

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