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June 08, 2007


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I just turned on FoxNews, and evidently they're throwing her skinny, privileged butt back in the slammer. :)


Oh Pam, I hope you're right.


I want to know how much $$$ she had to pay the sheriff to get out...LOL


From an email I got:

The real laugh of this whole thing was, she was supposed to have a hearing this am, and instead of showing up, she said she would just stay home and do the hearing via video conference, LMAO
THe judge said, NOT!!!!
Can you imagine? Did anyone ever check her for BALLS???


I wonder if these people have ever seen an episode of CSI or Law & Order - do they really think this stuff is 100% non-fiction? Honestly, we've been shaking our heads wondering if she has any idea how the justice system works. She's gotta be so convinced that she's not one of "them", you know? That's pretty out there. :P~

Paris Hilton

Honestly, you're all just so jealous. It's so sad. I mean, I'm like totally being persecuted by the justice system because I'm rich and hawt and whatever. Sure, if any of you had done what I did you'd be in jail, but seriously, if I had gotten into some sort of like accident or something and like killed a kid or whatever, my Daddy would have paid for it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Donato Versace is at the door with the first designs for the Fall Line of Paris Prison Wear. Stripes are the new black, people.


I saw her "interviewed" on some Access Hollywood-like program just before she went into the slammer -- I swear, that was the smartest she's ever sounded. Funny how really real reality sorta sharpens one up a bit, eh?

Old Horsetail Snake

Can't we talk about something decent, like Nicole Richie?


poor poor little Paris...too bad she isn't allowed to drive drunk with a suspended license...gosh it just isn't fair that she has to follow the rules of the common man.


Brat. Every aspect of her behavior says the rules have never applied to her.

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