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June 12, 2007


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I don't have a garden, and I'm JEALOUS of those yummy tomatoes! I would eat them every day, too. I once had a garden and was ambitious and planted 6 cherry tomato plants, 4 big boy tomato plants and a few roma plants. I had SO many cherry tomatoes...heck so many tomatoes (and zucchini - those things MULTIPLY, I swear!) that I was bringing them in to work daily to give away. Crazy. But I'd kill for my own plant this place to put it, though.


I have some strawberries:

and some sage, which has flowered:

It's waaaaay to early for the tomatoes, and I haven't even put the jalapenos in yet! However, the mint is multiplying (who knew it could do math!) like crazy, the basil is doing well, as is the rosemary!

Old Horsetail Snake

I just hate (not really) you people who have all the early warm and thus, the early tomatoes. I have JUST NOW got blossoms on my tomato plants, so I am looking at a harvest somewhere in late July. Grrrr.....


Your tomatoes and pepper are beauts.

I'm with Rick on the raw tomato eating ... ugh.

My garden has been transformed into deer flesh.

It was so beautiful.


Well HOss, by the time you have tomatoes in July, I'll have to go back to buying them in the stores. It will be too hot here to grow them.

FC, maybe you should put in two gardens. One for the deer, and one for you. Your personal garden will have a 12 ft fence with a roll of barbed wire on top.. LOL!

Janet, the mint is supposed to help keep fleas at bay, although it spreads like wildfire in the garden. You can mow right over it and it smells so good.

Linda, what about planting tomatoes in a pot? If you have room for that, they do pretty well in planters.


Looks like quite a haul from the garden. I enjoyed your pictures. While I didn't plant a lot of veggies this year the flowers in my gardens have been bountiful.


Those tomatoes wouldn't last a day in my kitchen! I'd eat them all.


These photos are great. Garden? My husband and daughter bought some tomato plants and have not planted them yet.

I love tomato's too!


the garden is doing ok. It was struggling for awhile. some of my maters are through though.


Amazing photos. I feel like I'm there. I too am jealous of your harvest but it just makes me look that much more toward my own. Very nice blog!


How can one possibly not like tomatoes?????? Tomato sandwiches are the summer food of choice here.
No gardens this year, although we are having the rain this year to support a healthy one! :)


" ... I can't take another pic for your viewing pleasure because I ate it." Yummm. Nothing like a good, hearty picT sandwich ...

I just love fresh tomatoes from the garden - a lil pepper, a dusting of salt, and mmMmmm good.

Sadly, fresh tomatoes from MY garden won't arrive till ... oh, September. But the lupins are up and getting ready to bloom and the lilacs are filling the air with that early summer smell ...


12-guage shotguns are the only way to deal with moskeeters. You may not hit them but at least you'll feel better.


My garden sure isn't growing as well as yours. The tomatoes and pepper looks great. Downright juicy.
My gardening ability puts me to shame...especially with veggies. Ah well...that's why we have produce stands, I guess.


I had 2 cucumbers for a salad so far. My tomatoes are just starting to turn pinkish...I can't wait for those. My peppers look terrible. I just can't grow them apparently. I do have one nice bell pepper plant but it came up right in my best flower bed so that is why it is looking so healthy I suppose. My squash has tiny yellow bulbs and yesterday I planted my first pumpkins. I am so excited about those, I hope they grow!


I have no personal garden-y stuff. But my kids love raw tomatoes. I only like them in salads.


We are full time RV'ers; once we planted a tomato in pot and carried it around with us. The tomatos were medioer at the best, not beauties like yours. I love your site!


My camera broke so I haven't been able to prove anything, lol! But my herbs- rosemary, sage, thyme, oregeno are very healthy. My 2 patio tomato plants are doing great and one has little maters on it now. I have 2 red pepper plants still maturing and an eggplant that I'm not sure what is going to do. It was an experiement this year to see if eggplant takes to the soil & climate here.

Your pepper looked very tasty!


Hmm,hope all is well at your place. IT's 2 weeks today since you posted a blog. Just came back to check and say hi.


Sweetie, tell the truth... you fell off the face of the Earth, didn't you?

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