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June 06, 2007


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Can't you just smell the mold growing behind the walls?


Thats amazingggggg!!!

Whats your e-mail adress?
I have to send something to you!


Oh for crying out loud, Britt. can't you cross the kitchen and ask me??!!!

FC, oh, for sure. It doesn't look as if they have a central a/c, either.


I can't believe it has withstood all the storms you have had in the past 10 years.

Old Horsetail Snake

They built 'em good back then (whenever "then" was).


That's amazing... I remember two years ago when we were selling my Grandmother's house in Florida (about an hour North of Tampa) from our home in Illinois -- we had just realized her homeowner's insurance lapsed and a hurricane (named for one of our kids, irony anyone?) was bearing down on Florida. I was so nervous about it -- thankfully the house was not damaged, and we closed on the sale of the house a month later.

sara sue

FC took my comment ... I really can smell the mold! Great shots, as always.


Wow. They don't make 'em like they used to, eh?


Amazing house and photos. But more amazing is like what everyone else said...still standing after some hefty storms.

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