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July 21, 2007


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"You could'a had a V-8!"

Off topic, your email address makes me think you could be a year older this month. If so, Happy Birthday!
If not, apply above to the correct day.

I probably should wait two more days just to be sure the blogrollian I met makes it home before I do post ... just a security courtesy.

I painted behind the fridge today, I'm down to touch up and putting stuff back.
Hope your painting has gone well!


I don't think I've ever had mackerel; I prefer perch, tilapia, sole,mahi-mahi & flounder. Dang - I need some fish now!


FC, you guessed right. My birthday was earlier this month, on Canada Day, which is probably why they had all the fireworks over there, right? ;)

I was able to get all of the wall sanding done and two coats of primer on the walls today. Also got most of the sanding done on the trim around the doors and the baseboards, what a pain that was.

The color I picked out just didn't look very good, but I went ahead with the primer anyway. Now I just have to find another shade.
Can't wait to see your kitchen!

Kenju, I find myself making Tilapia quite often, mainly because it's so readily available down here and it tastes good.


Dude, OMG, I wanted to read Harry Potter!


"Before the unfortunate advent of fisherman's pliers, I used to at least get a fingertip out of the deal..."


Great picture. He does look like he is saying something: Help me, please, please, pleeeeeaaassseeeee"

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