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July 02, 2007


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lol those dogs are SO calm! If my dog was out in the water, he'd be flailing about with a panicked look on his face!


That doggy botox really works, I hardly recognized Buddy.
He looks positively golden :)


Big AWWWW and a big SIGH!!! :)


They looks as though they are really enjoying the water! (girls and dogs too)


Great pictures! As always, they make me feel as if I'm there... how do you DO that? ;)


Janet, our dog isn't much of a water dog, either. He loves it when we catch fish, but other than that, he shakes and shivers all over.

FC, LOL, I just bust out laughing!

Seamus, yeah. ;)

Kenju, that's our friend's dog. He was the hit of the party. All the girls loved him!

Pam, LOL.. thank you!!


Adorable ... looks like a great Canada Day ;)

Old Horsetail Snake

These kinds of days are always better when the Great Whites aren't around.


Nils, they don't celebrate my Canada day down here, much to my chagrin. That's why I like Canadians so much, they have fireworks in my honor!! LOL

Hoss, and I'm always worrying that one of these days, our luck is gonna run out. the odd thing is, I figure I'll be able to beat the shark off with a ... um, well a long pole or something. Maybe a stun gun? Something...


Looks like a great day!


I loved your dog days shots! They are the best of summer!


That looks like so much fun and so relaxing.


Huge dog lover that I am....I loved these photos! What a great looking dog and everyone was having fun.

sara sue

What great shots! It's so nice to see you posting more, Laura. I really did miss your fabulous photos and the glimpses into your life in paradise!

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