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July 03, 2007


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it is so cool to take advantage of the beauty where you live. I walked down to the point this morning. It was beautiful, peaceful and relaxing.

Your husband is a cutie.


ahh, that looks like fun!


Looks like such a great time! I've been to Clearwater and some of the surrounding areas but it's been years ago. Oh how I'd love to be at the beach right now!

Have a great 4th Laura!


That looks like such fun! We went to Marco Island once, and they took us out to an island. We had to walk a path through jungle to get to the bech on the other side, and we dislodged about a million mosquitoes, which immediately dive-bombed all of us. We were mad that they took us out there without bug spray.


Judy, Marco Island really isn't that far from the Everglades, so I can imagine how bad the mosquitoes were!

Deb, Hope you can come back again, soon! Happy 4th and great shooting!

Janet, it was good to get out there and relax for a change. We haven't done that in too long.

Nancy, I'll tell him you said so; it'll make his day. ;)


Looks like a lovely Florida day. Boy, you guys must go through a ton of sunscreen ...


Hey, THAT is a great day!
I know what you mean about taking kids (and adults) out who have never been on the water.
Hooray for you parents, you gave those kids a day to remember!


That look like a lot of fun! I wish the beaches were more accesible here.


shuttup Nils. LOL..

What Nils is slyly referring to is that I uh... sort of got burnt on Sunday. My back is beet red because I actually forgot to put sunscreen on it.
I still can't believe I forgot to do that one area.
I know, I would think after preaching about my bout with basal skin cancer that I would know better.
And for the record, I spend most of the day under the tents.
But I still got burnt.
And yes, I know you can get burned when the day is overcast, or through your clothes.
Believe me, I'm paying for it. I have to sleep naked on my stomach, although rick doesnt seem to mind it too much. But I can't roll over without pain.
The cat woke me up this morning with an ever so light claw raking into my back...
He is lucky to be alive.

FC, It was a great day. We really should do it more often! I'd like to explore more of the little islands around here, too.

Misti, That's true. Beaches down in Southwest Florida and also many parts of the Keys are relatively hard to find or are difficult to access. In the Keys, especially, there really isn't a lot of wide sandy beachfront as there is up this way, or over on the Atlantic side of the state.
Which is probably a good thing, in some respects!


Wow... what great pictures! It looks like a very lovely, fun day! Great picture of Rick! Where are the pictures of you having fun?


Great photos and that looked like so much fun. Great memories for the kids. Was it Honeymoon Island by any chance?
Love your's huge.

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