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July 31, 2007


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For God's sake, do NOT overcook them. Seriously.

That sounds awesome. The picture has 'em looking delicious.

See - I knew you'd like them, if they were coked right! You did like them, didn't you? You didn't only eat the sauce, did you? Say it isn't so.


That looks scrumptious! Too bad mr. kenju will not eat scallops.


Thing, nope, I ate the whole thing, scallops and all. they were delicious!
Also, I used a Pinot Grigio-Venezie since that's what I had on hand. It's not the dry white that the recipe called for, but the label said it pairs well with seafood, so I figured it couldn't hurt. it came out very well!

Kenju, awww :( Tell him it's just a "white fish", he might not know the difference!

Old Horsetail Snake

One of these days I will try to cook a scallop or two, if I can find one that wasn't ever in the hands of the Chinese.


MMMmmmm.... those look wonderful!


That looks SO good!!!!! I LOVE scallops. They are my favorite seafood.


I'm drooling....this looks super. And I just wrote down the recipe, since we have fresh scallops here every day.
Thanks for sharing it from the Contessa.


Sounds pretty good.
Do we get a scalloping post or are you gonna leave it up to me?
We were spotting scallops out at the camp this week, but Pasco county is south of the harvest zone. Still it's good to see them again.
Spawn you little plankton suckers spawn!


You know ......... it's 2:52 in the AM and now I'm starving! ;)

BTW - re: your post about the flikr post - you may want to look at pBase - I love working with it ... I think it just presents better and has site/setup options. Would be glad to chat about it.


Sie haben eine schöne Seite!

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