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July 22, 2007


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Well, at least you look fine doing it!

I've patched nail holes in walls so much that I sometimes wonder if the original wall is there anymore or if it is one continuous layer of patch now in its place.


Um, Pablo's right. You may have a future as a spokesmodel for Black and Decker, Ryobi ... or even Home Depot. We'll leave Lowes off of that list.

Brittany is gonna love our kitchen. Yup, she's gonna love it.
Be sure she sees my photos of the finished kitchen later this week.

Don't forget to go outside and breathe some fresh air from time to time.


Today, I have made a quick trip the grocery store, then finished staining the "tweeners" (sides of each board) of our fence. I just had the back section to do, and it took me about two and a half hours.

My eldest child is upstairs playing with her friend. My middlest child is downstairs in the playroom with her friend. My youngest child is napping peacefully in his room.

After cleaning and prepping and hostessing Sweet Pea's 5th birthday party all day yesterday, I think I deserve a nap.

Stick a fork in me. I'm done.


Tell her to paint a small section of the wall orange and live with it for a few days before committing to a whole room of it. Better safe than sorry, esepcially after all that sanding!


I can relate! I like the second sander better too, but doesn't it make your arms all itchy when you turn it off?! LOL

Happy remodeling (again) - you ever gonna be done over there? ;)


Pablo, I know what you mean. Looks like we both have walls that seem to have more patches to hold them up than the original drywall itself. There's a metaphor about life in there, somewhere.
Thanks for the compliment!! :)

FC, hmmm, I think I know what color that kitchen is going to be. If I'm! I'm intrigued now. Since the decorator is a Gator... Hmmmm.

And Lowes is on my last nerve!!! They need well trained, full-time paint department sales help in their Pinellas County stores.

Kelli, I remember those 5 year old B-day parties. And the run for the Motrin afterward. On the flip side, I always did enjoy planning the parties when the girls were little, so I bet she had fun. Did you get a long soak in the jacuzzi?

Judy, exactly my plan. She wants to paint sample areas first, so we'll try that out and see how it goes. She's got a great idea, actually, and it takes a lot of guts to go along with that type of orange. Guts that I don't have, myself, LOL. She's thinking out side the box, that's for sure.

Leanne, the sander almost leaves the same feeling as when I get off the treadmill, and my legs are still moving at the speed of the treadmill, but the rest of my body is way behind. Except there's more tingling. LOL

I think we'll get done with the house the day before the For Sale sign goes up. I hope not, but every time we get something done, another thing breaks.

sara sue

I've been playing with power tools lately too ... I won't elaborate.


Okay, I gotta give it to you, you are WAY tougher than me. I think I would whine and complain and never get the sanding done. You go girl!


We painted one of our girls' rooms orange when they were very young. It was lovely. And when we went to change to another colour, it was only FIVE coats of paint to make the switch. Just sayin'. Enjoy your reno stories!


I am so happy I am not the one doing this.... LOL!

We have some projects that we are stalled on and one big project that I want done and have to wait for Himself to build.


Yep, I feel for ya, lol! And I feel for me when I get back on my feet. We have more baseboards, windowsills, & wood floors to sand too :)

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