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July 24, 2007


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sara sue

Great shots! You and Britt look so much alike, I had to view the shots twice to distinguish between you!


LOL I'm glad you all had a good time :-) Congrats on the braces coming off!


Buddys soo silly!


Thank you Janet!
And I've heard that before Sara Sue!


You ALL look great, but the last pic is especially nice!


Yay for braces finally coming off! I remember those days! My smile was never bigger than the first days after my braces came off.

Terrific photos! And that last one is fantastic! You're lovely!


Wonderful picts!!!! Wrestling with dogs is so rewarding. Buddy is such a sweet dog, letting you win like that!


great pictures. How much fun were you having?

She must be estatic to have her braces off. Congrats.


No more braces!
No more ortho bills!
Bring on the popcorn and caramel apples!

Those are great dog romp pics and to repeat what has already been said, you two do look so much alike ... it's almost like your are related.

Thanks for sharing.

Britt, how'd you like our kitchen?
Too bold?


What great, great, photos, Laura. One just has to smile as you look at them. Pure joy all around!
Britt's teeth look terrific! And Buddy...I just love your dog...his great personality always comes out in the photos. Really enjoyed these.


EVERYbody's teeth look great! Wonderful pictures.... I had to look really hard as well; you two do look a lot alike!

PLEASE tell me which camera you use... please?? :)


Pam, I use a Canon EOS, the Rebel XT. I like it, but sometimes it bugs me to have to keep switching lens for different scenes.

Thanks for all the compliments, everyone.
Most of the photos here were among the few that don't show him in attack mode, lol.

FC, Britt's at a friends house, so she can't answer at the moment, but when I showed her the kitchen, her face lit up. Looks like we have a big orange pumpkin in our future!


Thanks, Laura! :)

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