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August 05, 2007


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I absolutely agree that the IRS should cover stuff like that - and you should also get a break on your insurance. But from the sounds of the insurance business down there (rat-bastards), you wouldn't get a break if your house was made of brick and impossible for any hurricane to huff and puff and blow down.

Looks like a ton of work, but come the first big blow, I bet you'll feel like it was all worth it.

No picts of the boo-boo in your hand from the panelling?


It would be to the US's advantage for them to allow that expense! I am impressed with those panels. They sure beat the heck out of plywood!


They ARE rat bastards, Nils. Sometimes I wonder just what it is going to take to get them to stop raising their rates. If I took a pic of my cut fingers, everyone in this house would roll their eyes, seriously. lol..

Kenju, we had huge panels of plywood cut to fit the windows, but they were so big, they didn't fit in the garage. The plywood was attracting all types of insects, including carpenter ants and termites. So we really did have to get rid of it.

THe new panels store easily in the shed, out of the way and insect free!


I didn't even think of these last week with the teaser photo and I was just looking at them in HD.
Nice job, but then it seems like all the work you and Rick do is so darn professional.
My parents have the accordian style 'cane shutters that roll back until a storm threatens. They got them after the '04 season. The house is pretty tomblike when closed up, but they feel much safer.
And yes it should be a Tax Credit... money back for being extra responsible for your own safety.


Very good work! Smart thinking. HOWever....I'm just hoping you haven't jinxed us now by putting this post up. Hmm, if a tropical storm starts brewing and heads for the west coast....I CAN blame you, right? (smile)

Old Horsetail Snake

Thats might clever, Laura. And here all this I thought of Fla as the plywood state.


The year we had to sell my grandmother's home (after she passed), a hurricane with the same name as one of our kids was roaring through the Gulf and onto Florida. Her homeowner's insurance had lapsed, and I prayed like hell that "our kid's hurricane" not wipe out grandma's house before it got sold. ;)

You know what all that steel needs? Some really swanky air-brushed flames.


What a bunch of work, but I'm sure the peace of mind will be worth the effort.


We had to add these to the whole house when we did the addition because it was over 50% in size. I hadn't thought about sanding them down to deal with the sharp factor- and we didn't order any clear panels but I think this year we will go back and get a couple of those for several of the larger windows,esp. after seeing your picture.

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