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August 23, 2007


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Why is it so many of these heart-stopping times come when a dog gives the danger signal? ;)
I always listen to them when they tell me something is wrong... even if it turns out to be -and it usually is- nothing much.


I have kids. I have moments like this ALL THE TIME. The most recent one I can remember was when three year old Buddy tripped and fell into our wooden deck. He got a good size knot on the side of is head, and scared the bejesus outta me, but he was fine (he even told me so!) and didn't require any medical attention.


I mostly ignore my dogs now, because they do alot of armadillo barking at night and then the whole coyote telegraph chat line opens up with much howling.

But once, long ago, my best dog Ranger alerted at night, but it wasn't a false alarm.
I think that night would make a good Pure Florida post so I'll just keep it for now.

I have also experienced the dreaded balloon creature tho. Lost a ceiling fan motor to one actually.

Those are two fine looking dog fellas in your pics.


Funny, I thought that story was going to turn out MUCH different!!! ROFLMAO!


Oh yes, I have been there! That is hilarious :) (And I almost lost a ceiling fan to a terrorist balloon two nights ago)


I sure didn't expect that ending!! LOL


This is a fantastic story, Laura. And, no, I never had a heart-stopper. Knowing me, it would have actually STOPPED!


Great And what gorgeous looking dogs.
And yes...had an experience similar to this when my daughter was a baby. Lived in a 2 family house, heard noises in the hallway and knew somebody had entered from outside, but no knock on the door. Nothing. My fear matched yours. Ended up calling police....and to my embarrassment.....a DOG had wandered into the hallway from outside and couldn't get the door open to leave.


Oh that is too funny...I had to laugh. I hate getting all worked up and almost have a heart attack and then it is NOTHING! I am glad it is nothing but it takes alot out of you regardless! What beautiful dogs, I love these photos! Labs have a soft spot for me anyway!


Yep, I have. Most recently Wrigley & Tori were freaking out over a racoon sitting on the fence. And I also once forgot to close and lock the front door. I came home to an open house, at night, and Nick was gone. I freaked out pretty good that time too. Fortunately all the under-beds were clear!

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