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August 08, 2007


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Brittany! You're the cream of the crop! You're a champion! Hang in there! :D

I did really well on Atkins... too well. My body loves it and I followed the diet for a year... but my colon hated it. I used to wear a 10, and I'm up to 14. My diet time swiftly approaches... :(


I hope you lose enough to find your goal, and that you can keep it off after.

The only way I could follow a diet like that is to be locked in to a place where that's all they serve.


I hope you get to exactly where you want to be exactly when you want to be there. And I'm sure we all look forward to seeing picts of you in that (how do you describe it?) sexy chocolate-coloured sleeveless dress.


COngrats on the weight loss. Good for you.

The poor kid must be exhausted!!! Why do they make them do this? Torture.


Yeouch - hang in, Brit - it's SUCH a rewarding challenge when all is said & done, it's a position that demands respect because of what you go through and how amazing it all comes together on the field!!

As for you and your dress, you'll get there. Especially with pilates. I can't wait til the end of next week - you wanna race?!


Old Horsetail Snake

Nice going on the diet, Vitamin. I always love to see someone who's dedicated get the nice reward.

Dear Brittany: How's this for an idea? Have your Mom bring you ice every hour, on the hour. She's not doing anything else. Heh.


I've gone back to lowering my carbs and counting my calories. I can't seem to keep my waist comfy in my pants and skirts if I don't. I told my hubby that over 40 sucked because basically I had to stop eating like a horse! My personal training starts back tomorrow. So I do wish you good luck and I will be right there with you. I hope I don't crave chocolate!


PS- Hang in there is going to be worth all this work!


Um... if you tagged along with Britt during HER workouts with the colorguard, you could probably have your chocolate and still lose weight ... it sounds like she's melting out there.

I'm so helpful.

More power to both of you for your effort and determination.
Hang in ther Miss Britt, it'll all be worth it when your team is performing! I'm sure your Mom will release you from all household chores since you are working so hard on the field in the heat.

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