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August 17, 2007


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Lucky Rick ;) (assuming he doesn't get eaten by the panther and replaced by Buddy).


Who thinks of these things?


You COULD have put the nice panther on your table. But, no, you probably settled for posies, or primevals or something like that.


I recognize most of this from one we did years ago. But the house represented your relationship with your mother. There was a tree representing your relationship with your father. The cup was how you see yourself and there was a mountain at the end -- how you feel about the afterlife. The water was still sex. Did you put your feet in, swim? That tells you something too. Was it clear or murky.

I left a comment to your comment. I think it's wild that I mosey over here after not doing so for a long time and found something we have in common besides loving the ocean. So glad I did!


LOL! You are funny. I love things like this. Soemtime you can see things with a different perspective. I am always interested by the animal picked.

Panther represents a deep understanding of spiritual things, psychic and artistic. She has the greatest mysticism and encourages people to understand powers available to them, to acknowledge them and to rid them of fears of the shadow and darkness.

She represents releasing passions and started a new period of life. Those with Panther as their power animal are intuitive and have an artistic inclination. Panther is symbolic of ability to know the dark, cunning, perseverance, oldness, beauty, swiftness and gaining confidence.

To the ancient Greeks, Panther represented an awakening to heroic quest.

Everyday can be a heroic quest in a family, right. ;)


yeahhh... certain things.. I really DID NOT need to know, and could of definitely lived the rest of my life NOT knowing. Thanks.


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