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August 13, 2007


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THAT IS TOO FUNNY! Look at those happy faces!
Happy to be alive after such a long hot week of workouts, I guess.

Congratulations also on your "personal remodeling" progress...

.. and yes, I agree our kids inspire. I'm a much better person as "Dad" than I was as "just me".

I'm just catching up on your recent posts after being away for a bit. If it's any consolation, they were setting heat records up in the N'orcalina mountains too.


It is hot here too. It was 98 in NH yesterday. I don't remember having a summer this hot for so long.

You have one tough cookie for a daughter! Looks like the end was fun, though.

Old Horsetail Snake

What a girl. Too bad they don't use whipping cream instead of shaving cream. A person could gain 7-8 pounds just like that.


Is the shaving cream evaporating in the heat? Goodness! And I was just complaining that our summer finally got hot. Hey, we've usually been boiling months by now. Stay cool. :)

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