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August 07, 2007


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sara sue

Gorgeous shots, as usual! Looks like a great time was had by all ... well except the scallops.


I love eating scallops, but if I had to go through that to get them - no thanks!


Wonderful pictures; felt like I was there... especially the last one... makes me want to go snorkeling again. The scallops are safe, though. ;)


What fun! The only thing missing is a photo of some end food product- dripping in butter and garlic. Great report- makes me anxious to get back to Florida.

Old Horsetail Snake

Pretty good going by you on the treading water pic. Must be a fine throwaway camera.

I didnt realize cleaning scallops was such a terrible industry. I like mine in a restaurant.


I had NO idea that scallops bite! They look so meek and mild on my dinner plate :)


Ah, so that's who's to blame for this annoying townhouse crop up across the state.


Sara, yeah... they met their end demise. but not without a bite.

Kenju, it was a lot of work, that's for sure!

Pam, I'd like to go back out there again as well. There were more areas that I wanted to explore. It was really pretty.

Vicky, You might want to check out the recipe I posted when we got back.

Hoss, it was a fairly good camera for $9.99. The underwater pics didn't come out well, but only because of the water clarity. Too murky to focus!

Deb, I didn't either. I wish I'd known that before I picked 'em up!

Misti, we really need a moratorium on building through out the coastal areas!


Hmm, well, scallops always WERE my favorite seafood, but after reading that description of what's inside of them.....maybe I'll stick with shrimp!
Great photos, Laura! Looked like a perfect day to be out on the water. Minus that yucky shucking.


Great shots. I imagine cleaning scallops is a lot like cleaning shrimp. EWWW...

Looks like a great time. Still refusing to go in the water here. TOO COLD!


We shuck by hand in an assembly line model, she deguts because she grew up doing it and is the fastest, I scoop muscle into the ice filled bowl.

You do know about the shop vac method don't you?
I knew as I mowed the lawn that day that you were having great weather just 40 miles south of me.

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