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August 28, 2007


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My partner hates peppers of all kind -- even black pepper -- so we don't get much into that stuff. Too bad for me, but on the other hand, it's probably good for me.


I eat the same way sometimes,'s usually not me that has to do the TUMS!

Gorgeous sky!!!


What a beautiful sky!!!


That sky is gorgeous! The sunsets are usually blocked by the houses across the street, but during the week, I'm usually able to see some lovely sunrises.


Great sky.
We eat so much spicy stuff that Rick seems perfectly normal.


The sky is beautiful.
Lately, I haven't kept my camera close enough to get such spontaneous shots.

I haven't that kind of spicy food since going on the thyroid medicine. I guess my cravings finally got sidetracked.


DAMN!!! What a sky!

Yeah, I eat like that ;-0

Paul Nichols

That's a beautiful sunset photo. Nice job.

Be careful. Too many Tums was the leading contributor to my brother's heart attack and death. Age 44.

Stopped by here from Hoss' joint. Well, I guess I'll stop back in from time to time.


OW and WOW! I could not eat like that. My stomach hurts just reading it.

Love the sunset! Did you just stand there in awe? I would have.


WE had the SAME kind of sunset the other evening here on the island! It was amazing and I should have grabbed my camera...but instead, I just stood there soaking it all
I'll be back to step back in time with you.


My father-in-law. He's not a picky eater. So he will compile a bunch of stuff into a meal. Nick kind of does it too. He drinks milk with his pizza and with Doritos. I can only drink milk with breakfast or with cookies.


Hey....thought we were going back in time?
Came back to visit....and nothing!

sara sue

psst ... it's Saturday ... back in time, remember?

Jerry Moores


Your photography is AWESOME and I love your blog! EXCELLENT job! I'll be checking back regularly!

Jerry in Tampa

Thunder Dave

Beautiful photo! Rick's menu is making Lightnin and I hungry.

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