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September 08, 2007


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That light sage is gorgeous! And I have an opening in my kitchen just like yours; never thought about framing it in like that; cool! :)

Old Horsetail Snake

Good luck to you, ma'am. Looking good....


WOW! You do some great work! :)

When you're all done with yours, will you come and decorate my house? We don't have any drywall work or anything, we just need someone to paint to paint and decorate. Your ideas would be helpful!


Wow - that's a lot of work, and it's coming along beautifully! I love that light fixture in the hall. :D


When you get your dream house, I picture it being completely, utterly done.
You two are amazing.

Hey, I just finished watching the Gator game on TV.
Pay per view, Directv.


FC, I think there's just something inherently wrong with having to pay for a Gator game, especially against a team like Troy (which gave the Gators a good run for the money, apparently).
I should think they're making enough money off the proceeds of their previous winning seasons in both basketball and football, and the Gator nation is strong enough that they wouldn't have to charge to view a game like that on TV. I can see using pay per view for the big teams, but for a smaller gamee that is ridiculous.

Thanks everyone, for the compliments on the work! I just want it all f i n i s h e d.

Kelli, anytime. My advice is free and not guaranteed. ;)


When will Rick be finished with the house?? ;o)


Paul, when Miami wins the Super Bowl??
Or the Bucs, for that matter.


The guy comes to look at our kitchen ceiling tomorrow and I dread this the most. We have that crackled stucco stuff now and I know it is going to be such a mess to get that out of the house after the steam it off. Yuck!

I can't wait to see yours when you finish!


Holy crap. I'm having a freakin' heart attack! We are currently painting one of our rooms light sage and we JUST bought that same desk from Office Depot that you have! The antique white with the hutch! It goes in the light sage room...


OK, Rick's hired. You don't mind loaning him out for a bit, right?

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