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September 09, 2007


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Fantastic pictures, Laura.

Hubby reads the newspaper, but whenever I attempt it (granted, that's not often) the kids intervene. I usually read the newspaper online.


Wow, that picture is amazing!


both pictures are fantastic!!!

I used to love to read the Sunday paper, to immerse myself in it...but...I got out of the habit, not sure why. Memories, probably :-)

Old Horsetail Snake

Yeah, I am like you: I NEED my printed newspaper. Hail to the pressroom.


Wow. You have some amazing eye there, darlin' ... just gorgeous pics ...


I don't read newspapers anymore. The news always seems to be something I read yesterday on the net. This is a huge shift for me, because I used to love the paper, but that was then.
I have become part of the matrix.

Hey, how about those Bulls! USF, the mouse that roared!
On the Video post ...I agree about paying to watch a Gator game on TV, but it's cheaper than therapy for my wife.


Oh, and your photos are wonderful!


Considering how cruddy our circulation is, I've tried hard to keep my interest in the paper, but our delivery is even worse than the circulation! matter where I am, I ALWAYS take a subscription to the local paper. What better way to learn about your community? There is nothing so good as the smell of a freshly printed paper (even if it's only 30 pages long!)...the printer's ink rubbing off on your fingers. The strategically placed ads, notices, articles....all draw me in on a regular basis (except Saturday, because we don't have a Saturday paper...heck, I think we are one of the few cities that may still carry an evening-only paper!

I hope that the paper always goes to press, and not to "submit".....sigh.

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