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September 12, 2007


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You had me at Oreo Cookie Pudding.

Perhaps you should bring me some so I can taste it and see if I like it before I try to make it myself.

You should probably bring A LOT. Just in case I can't tell if I like it or not after the first bowl... what?

You should also probably get here as soon as possible. Like today. Now. Have you left your house yet?


Oh my goodness. That's totally not on the core plan. LOL

I'll make this as soon as I weight what my drivers license says I weight. haha!


Oh, not on this diet!!!! It sounds sooo goood, though...


This is an example of why it's good to have guy metabolism.
Life is not fair ... heehee.

Great catnap photo.

Rico Suave, Local 459, International Brotherhood of Felines

Please be advised we are adding "Trafficking in Feline Pornography" to our list of grievances.

Also, we prefer the tuna to the chicken. Just saying.


Kelli, I would have been there sooner, but my internet connection was down, and therefore, I could not make reservations online!!!

Leanne, it's on a whole "other" core plan. Plenty of time to try it when you reach your goal! It's good for halloween, too. with gummy worms in it for the kids. Similar to those dirt pudding cups, but better.
Good luck now that you're near the countdown1!!!

Pam, see above. LOL

FC, I really hate your guy metabolism... arrrrgh. thanks for the catnap compliment. He really is lazy as all get out.

RICO! When I get my hands on you and your list of grievances.....
by the way, I hear your cousins up north are just ITCHING to spray because of the newcomers to your office.
Roxy has spread the word and spilled the beans after coming in from your office, smelling of Eau de New Cat all over her nostrils.
I'm gonna send them a how-to manual....

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