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September 28, 2007


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Kindda looks like Life won!

Laura's kitchen = 0
Life = 49




The day after our wedding was the start of the football season that particular year. I bought matching t-shirts for the two of us to wear as we left the hotel. They said "We interrupt this marriage to bring you the football season."

I think that was the one and only time Hubby and I wore matching shirts. ;)


My kitchen is suffering right now. It's waiting for paint. Which is my task for tomorrow. I'm also missing doors. *sigh* Here's to a finished my dreams.


Seamus, I'm determined to change that score. Long before Christmas!!@

Kelli, LOL! I've seen that printed on a pillow as well. It would look good in my living room.

Lass, Good luck this weekend. You all have done some amazing remodeling lately!


I am so tickled to see someones dining room table look like mine.

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