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September 15, 2007


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ROFLMAO! Salt, it'll last forever ;-)

LOVE the first picture of the cat reaaaaaaaching, reaaaching :-)


Silly. Salt won't go away on its own. You need to dissolve it. And what dissolves salt? Why, water, of course.

So, here's what you do: pour about two cups of water on your keyboard, and swish it around so it gets in all the nooks and crannies. Problem solved.

You're welcome (g).


I love the pictures of the cats; how sweet IS that?! That's when I like cats - when they're being cute. When they try to shred my couch it's very much less endearing...

Is there software I can purchase to keep my vulnerable puter safe from the dreaded *salt* virus? Or should I simply move these goldfish off my desk....?


I havce no brothers, so I'm safe, but salt in the keyboard? Who knew!!??


Oh, and I had a similar situation with my keyboard: I was taking some old rye and Diet Pepsi out to "throw it away" (as you call it), and suddenly POOF, the glass tipped into my mouth and some of it trickled down my throat. But a little bit spilled, too, and it was only quick thinking and leaning down to suck every last drop off the keyboard that saved my system from serious damage.


There's a right shift key?
I learn so much here at VSea.


Pam, I'd ask Leanne about salt hacks. she's the only person who seems to be able to understand geek software. :)

Nils, have another drink, will ya LOL. And if you have to throw out the old rye, you're not drinking it fast enough....

(p.s. "throw it away?" What's wrong with that?)


Well, you claimed you had a bag of pretzels and were getting set to "throw it away" when it accidentally spilled on your keyboard. I just figured that was some sort of code for "snarf every last one down, and the crumbs that I miss jam up my shift key". (g) I was just saying I do the same with rye. Except I don't even pretend that I'm wasting any.


Cats crack me up.

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