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September 12, 2007


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Beautifully said, Laura. I'd never heard that story before. It's both moving and inspiring.


I never heard it either, and it's amazing. He was a true firefighter!


Oh my.
That was wonderful.


Inspirational and poignant! That isn't a story I'd heard before.

BTW - the kitchen is looking wonderful! :)

Old Horsetail Snake

This is one of the best September 11 (12?) b**gs I've read. Nicely done, lass.


I'd like to chip in to the chorus. It was a fine post.

I couldn't watch any TV on 9/11 because I knew I'd see so much that would upset me. Not so much the re-living of the day, but how crass our media is, and how they're more than happy to turn a dime on anything they can. Just my .02, but I don't want anything to turn me cynical about such an important day. I wish we could have a national day to reflect, but you just know so many folks would spend it doing something insipid, not to mention the box store Event Sales, etc. Not that I'm cynical or anything.


Thank you all for the fine compliments!

Cynical? not so much, Thingfish. It's the way our country has become, crass commercialization at it's worst. Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to our basic sense of ethics in this society.

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