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September 07, 2007


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Aw, that does suck, for both of you. She'll do great, though. She really will...!!! And you'll watch the vid together, maybe?

Nobody can cover the booth for 5 minutes while you run up to see her perform?


Pam, I'll be at the stadium downtown, 30 minutes away. Britt will be here at her neighborhood school. Otherwise, I would!! :)


You're selling beer to raise funds for the school?
This must be a private school.
We'd be toast.

Best of luck to her and to her stressing Mom and to the husband vidographer upon which much depends.

sara sue

Best of luck, Brit! We are going to see pictures, right??


I really need to be more specific in these posts! Sorry folks. The beer is sold at the stadium, not the school. And yes, it's a public school, LOL

They don't have a stadium at her school, just a football field and concession stand. The school has a contract with the stadium downtown to sell hotdogs, burgers, nachos and drinks for fundraising efforts.

There ya go, FC. :)

Sara, I don't know about this game. But maybe in future games I'll get some pics. Hub's not big on taking photos, unfortunately.

Old Horsetail Snake

Aw, rats. Here's what you do: Take some beer home and share it with your waif. She will remember that, but won't remember you weren't there when she was performing. First beer is ALWAYS more entertaining.


Thank you everybody...
I know this is a little late..
But better late then never.

And where are those pictures of me outside with my flags?

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