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October 17, 2007


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ROFLMAO!!!!! That cockatoo vid is hysterical!

What is it about the fascination cats have with our bath water???? Izzy does the same thing, although she'll paw you 1st to see if you're stable enough to step on!

Laura, Laura, Laura! It's called ... er ... wait ... mmmm ... OH! CRS!!! ;)


Oh, I can't remember ANYthing anymore... sometimes my name even slips my porous mind... I prefer calling it 'information overload' rather than 'senile dementia'. ;)


Thoughts? On what?


CRS baby, it can be funny!


Chronic what? I had to google CRS and I still don't know what it is. Catholic Relief Services? Certified Residential Specialist?
Cracked Retention Syndrome? Whatever it is, I have it. This morning, I forgot to wake up Britt when she slept through her alarm. In fact, I forgot all about her entirely.
Around 6:15, 15 minutes before she was to be picked up, we remembered.
I ended up taking her to school, just in time.


I do the same damn thing with words. I look at something and the words just won't come. I have to stop, think about something else, and then come back. Just reboot, and all your OS problems will go away...for now.


My cats love to come in the bathroom when I'm in the tub and lick the water off my shoulder and arm. At their bowl, they don't drink the water directly from it - they dip their paw in it and lick the paw. I wonder why?!

Old Horsetail Snake

I sometimes have trouble dredging up an ordinary word. I wonder if my brain has holes in it (Alzheimer's) through which the information leaks out.

Hey, I danced that cockatoo a few days ago. Very funny, according to you and men.


C.R.S. - Can't Remember Shit.

How do you get to your age and not know THAT?



Nils, I live in a cave.
Either that, or I'm too young to have heard about it!


I suppose it was good thing the forehead licker was a cat and not a Labrador. A Lab would have jumped in.
This may be the only example where cat trumps dog.


Those momentary lapses are a little alarming at times. When I can't remember a name or book title I'll rumble it around in my brain for hours and then when I finally give up-it pops right to mind. Sophie sits on the edge of the tub and dabbles, too.

That cockatoo- I posted it too a while back because I thought it was the funniest dance routine I'd ever seen- that left foot! Love it. And he's just so pleased with himself.


Bookcase, eh? Yesterday for me it was, um, the um, well heck, the thingamajig. Ack. I hate when that happens ;~)

Your cat in the tub is the second cat in the tub post I've read this morning. What's up with that??

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