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October 06, 2007


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Rico Suave, Local 459, International Brotherhood of Felines

Check our contract. Cats have access to all parts of the house at ALL TIMES. And if you don't want us dragging our asses on your floor, you might want to follow us around with some TP. Seems like a simple enough solution to me.


When the butt-dragging starts, it's time for anal glands to be drained. The Vet assistant really earns her pay for doing that procedure.

Your windows look better than mine.
When you're done there, come on over, they'll be waiting.....


And this little guy....awww, he can look in our window anyday. What a sweetie.


I'd beware of any cat that can kill flowers with just a look... :)


Rico, I think we need to check the contract again. Did you notice the part that says, "no cat shall leave behind poop trails for the owner to clean up"? Section IV, page 46, paragraph IIb. Have a nice Thanksgiving. Hope they feed you lots of turkey fat to give you gas...

Mrs. DoF, on the windows, no thanks! I have a hard eno0ugh time keeping mine clean! You're right about the anal sac, but Percy's problem is that he tends to do this after he visits the litter box. I think he needs more fiber in his diet!

Terri, don't worry. He's currently curled up on the couch - in the air conditioning- I might add. ;)

Kelli, EXACTLY!! and they died from the odor emanating from the litter box. *sigh*


Maybe he should drag his butt out to the fish pond and patrol for herons.


Just feed him fibrous mice!


damm right, FC!!!

Seamus, he'd have to catch 'em, first. And he won't go outside willingly to catch 'em! He's actually terrified of the great outdoors, which is why he was so mad when I threw him out, LOL.

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