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October 31, 2007


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Wow - lovely lighting under the cabinets (never heard the term "puck lights" before).

Caption for the Rico pic: "You said you didn't like it when I bring home mice. I assumed you wanted something bigger."


I didn't know they were called that, but I NEED SOME!!

Good for the goldfish! He must have been hibernating in the mud.


I love those under cabinet lights! I've never heard 'em called puck lights, either. ;)


Good job Rick!
Happy birthday Buddy!


looks like the cat is saying..."Oops...sorry, didn't mean to kill her...and then eat her...but she WAS quite yummy!"


I've seen those under cabinet lights at Home Depot, but was skeptical of how they'd work. What brand did you buy?


Lass, we went through several brands before we found the type that worked best for us. We bought these at Lowes. It's made by "Feit Electric" and it's a "soft white" lightbulb.
Rick wired them into a single light switch, but you can also plug them right in to the nearest light fixture.

They're only 9W fluorescent bulbs and I'm using them more for accent lighting than task lighting. I like these because they stay relatively cool when they've been lit for awhile. Other types would get too hot, and the surface around them would get hot also. That's a waste of electricity in my opinion. We have one or two lights per cabinet, depending on the length of the cabinet.

One of the problems we had was that many of the other types of lighting looked too bright against the granite, and caused a "mirror effect". That is, when we looked at the granite, the entire fixture would show up on the granite, not very attractive to look at. I want to look at the granite, not all the hardware underneath the cabinet!.


Thanks! We actually took out a large picture window, and put in a smaller window, with the net result of reducing the light in the kitchen where there's not a lot of light anyway. Accent lighting would make it seem a lot lighter.

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