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October 22, 2007


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Awww. I feel badly that you didn't get to go up to G'ville this time round - I know how much you love it there. But there will be other trips, including the one where you finally move back "home" and YOU become the people you're fixing the house up for.

And it's odd, isn't it, how memories settle into their heads in a certain way? What we think of as a time of drudge work was just, for them, a time when the family was gathered.

Know what's great? That she remembers it that way ... and remembers it fondly. It means you've really done something right with those girls.


Hey! That's the way I remember it too and I'm just a stranger reading your tales. You posted once a while back about a trip up there, the work, the in house camping, and it all sounded so wonderful ... I know just how Britt felt! It all sounded so fun.

So, Y'all just gotta come back up together.

I noticed you used the word "my" not "the" when you described the tree lined driveway of the North FL property.

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