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October 05, 2007


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Hah! Good for you.
I recently bought some buffalo burgers, the preformed patty kind, from Wally world.
They were okay. My brother likes fresh buffalo burgers. He doesn't eat beef, but will eat buffalo.
I have yet to try a fresh buffalo steak.


Oh the ammunition one gains over a lifetime of little things.

Love it! That's why I said 'WORD' over dinner the other night. Nobody but Arthur knew what I meant... ;)


I haven't had buffalo steak, only ground. It was good tho!


We went to a Ted Turner's place here 2 years ago and ate buffalo burgers. I was not impressed at all.


Around 1990 our town had a nice burger barn which specialized in buffalo sandwiches. There is a buffalo ranch in the next county--when it was in development, the story of how strong the fences had to be made page 3 of the local newspaper.

We loved the buffalo burgers. It takes a bit of practice to get the proper cooking time, since buffalo is much more lean than beef.
Alas, the owner got sick, something long-term, which took him out of the kitchen, and the place closed a couple months later. The building is now one of those payday loan predators.

There is a little diner in the same town near the ranch that serves the buffalo goodies. Husband and I should go over when we have an extra hour for drive time.

Anyway, our local Kroger grocery routinely carries ground buffalo meat--I can always find it, before the expiration date.
We've been making buffalo burgers all summer on our Foreman Grill. I've also made some really good chili a couple times.
I've never had a buffalo steak, but I'll bet with the right guy at the grill, it would be quite tasty.

I'm sitting here laughing like a lunatic.
It's been quite awhile since I've seen the word "chortled" used. Your thesaurus must be close at hand.

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