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October 23, 2007


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yeah ... what an incredible performance. I love that clip, especially the judge's reaction. I saw it shortly after it happened and I still love to watch it!


I've seen it before but still watched it... his performance never fails to make me cry... :)

Sandy The look on the 1st judges could tell that he didn't think much of the guy based on his appearance...and then he opened his mouth and sang, gave me goosebumps..loved it!


He was fantastic...but those teeth! Not so much the fact that there's a top one broken, but the lower ones...just looked so dirty! (couldn't help but notice with the camera fixed on his mouth!)


I saw him on TV, and he is phenomenal!


Ok, it's official. I've been living under a rock. Of all the people I emailed this to, everyone of them had heard of this guy already.

and you folks as well.

I need to watch more TV or something.


I have seen this guy before. It is amazing. What cracks me up about that video though is that they end it with an Aerosmith just does not seem right to hear that opera and then close it out with steven tyler.


Never heard of him, plus I still don't know what the buzz was last week about Ellen D's dog,
but it's cozy here under my rock.

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