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October 14, 2007


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Sounds like a fabulous Sunday, myself ... I've been up since stupidly early, cooking breakfast, then a hospital visit ... and now stacking firewood ... another job that will not do itself.

Congrats to Brit. I know what it's like to see a kid do something amazing, and wonder "How did she know what to do?" ;)


I have nothing to compare to your (and Nils') stories, but I can understand how you would feel. I'm glad they did well, and you have every right to be proud of them.

As for sleep... I haven't been sleeping very well the past couple of nights. I'm thinking I may be due for a nap this afternoon, though. :)


Wow, congrats to Britt for getting out there and giving it her all! I could never have done that as a kid - never! She's the best and so are you for supporting her! :D


Hey, I've been craving turkey for about 2 weeks. Did you have it?


Yay for their 6th place finish! That sounds like a grueling competition.

Now...about that leftovers????

Old Horsetail Snake

And Britt comes in and says, "Mom, we caught a world class grouper. And they wanted to take pictures, so we left it there. Are there any hot dogs?"


Laughing at Hoss... ;) the grouper are tough old birds. er, fish.
The one they keep bragging about was a golaith grouper that got away. Rick got a slightly out of focus pic of the fish. I'm going to try to crop it so we can see if it's a big fish story or not. He took some great pics today. I am so relieved he is finally using the damn camera.

Seamus and Kenju, no turkey today, dammmit. They had two fresh turkeys available at the store for around $19 bucks, and I didn't feel like paying that much, or feel like cooking a big one. So we had pork roast instead. I'm still craving turkey, but I'll wait a while to buy a frozen ones. They should be going on sale, soon.
Still beats the hot dogs, Hoss!

Pam, I don't think I could, either. Just amazes me what they put themselves through in practice as well. I don't remember kids of our generation doing this to the extent that they work out today.

Kelli, knowing your kids... you'll have plenty to compare before too long! You've got a whole life time of memories about to come. ;)
Get some sleep, christmas is coming, I just realized.

Nils, knowing YOUR girls... plenty to be proud of there. ;) Especially in the last day or so.

Nil's daughter, Erin, just had a baby boy!!!! His wife is now married to a grandfather!!



Congratulations to all!
All that summer torture practice must have paid off.
Out in the boat, it was flat AND windy?

Have you seen the Tampa Bay swimming deer photos bouncing around the internet via email?


Thank you everybody.
Even though 6th place isnt that good I LOVED performing in the Dome.
I just wanted to keep doing it!
Can't wait for championships when I can perform there again.
We'll do a lot better, I know it!

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