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October 23, 2007


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Love the purse; thanks for the link to SeaBreeze!

Please, please share the secrets of the blanket! I'm not 'crafty' at all - I even have trouble scrapbooking. LOL! The blanket would make a great handmade gift if I could do it, though... ;)


Last season's Bible School, the folks in craft class got 37 of the lap blankies tied together. It seems really easy if there are several people to do different stages of the process.
I thought the hardest part was the cutting of the edges, that acrylic/polyester is ridiculous about making dull the blade of shears!

The whole pile went to charity, tho. I hadn't ever thought about having a whole team use some on a bus for trips.

The purse is pretty, but I'm not in the mood for changing bags right now. You are right about having the cell phone kept handy in an outer pocket.


Ok, it turns out she used two yards of fabric.
Now on each of the 4 corners, cut out a square about 3" x 3".
Then, cut slits into each of those squares, and double or triple knot the two pieces of fabric together.
Now your blanket is firmly attached. Next, make a series of evenly spaced cuts into the fabric roughly 1" or 2" deep...all along the edge of the material, up and down the length and width. Tie together, this forms the ruffled look.

To Mrs. DOF, that was a really nice idea to make them for charity, a lot of work, too!
The girls made these blankets for themselves, not for the whole team. That would have been about 200 blankets!
The charter bus is cold and they have overnight trips, so they wanted something to snuggle up into when they sleep.


I love fleece, and I love having a blanket on my lap when I'm watching TV (The cats like it too). That looks like a good project!


LOL Judy, our cats are all over it!


I like the idea of the no sew blanket and it is so cute. The purse is very nice!


That's very cute! Reminds me of a sweatshirt I used to have. We took two (different colored) sweatshirts and cut them digaonally from just above the bottom band to just under the opposite armpit. Then cut inch-long strips into each piece. Using the top of one color and the bottom of the other color, you line them up and tie the sweatshirt back together with the strips. You still end up with two sweatshirts, and back in the 90's this was very trendy.

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