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October 15, 2007


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Thanks for sharing awesome!!


What a stirring article; the man is a genius! And to think of the impact on billions of people because this doctor's wife died of cancer...! You never know how your life may affect others...

Someone please go yank that Nobel out of AlGore's grip and present it to Dr. Vesely!


While this is inspirational and hopeful, and certainly not meaning to rain on anybody's parade, did anyone else notice that despite the fact this brilliant man has made what looks to be a breakthrough discovery, it will still be five to ten years before anything happens with it? How many hundreds of thousands will die during that time? Could the progress be accelerated by throwing more resources (ie. money) at it?

You just hope things will happen the way they should, don't you? I wish I weren't that cynical that I think the five to ten years will be spent by drug companies and health insurers trying to figure out how to maximize profits from it.


It is gratifying to know that there has been such a significant discovery made in the long fight. I have to agree with Nils here and wonder if now wouldn't be an appropriate time to throw a lot into the research, perhaps speeding up the process.


I can't help wondering just how many pharmaceutical company lobbyists will try to hinder the research, because that means their company will lose money on the drugs they sell for treatment.

Old Horsetail Snake

I always hate it when the trials on humans are five-10 years away. Think of all the people who conceivably could be helped. Makes me weep....


Amazing! Let's get it done quickly.

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