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November 14, 2007


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What a great post! People are going to be hitting this when they search the net for stuff to do in the area, and it's always nice to be able to help. :)

I'd love to do the meme, but I don't know anything about my area. I may try, though. May teach me a few things. :D


You forgot to add, "... come enjoy, but please go home when you are done."

Great tourism advice for sorta locals as well as touristas.


I loved this. Having been to Clearwater once, some of the places were familiar. It's been a while, though - back when I visited, I could have sworn Gulf Blvd. was called Executive Blvd. or something like that. Anyway - great info, and your "hint" is well taken!


FC, "...and if you move here, speak English!"

Pam, it was a big meme, took me all week to do, mainly cause I only did it in bits and pieces. Where you live, however, it might take you longer, LOL.

Nils, there you go again, making up the whole executive drive story. LOL


This is a good one but it will take me a while to get it together!


Whew - I need to get out more. hehe - I'll give it a try, though it may take me a while to put together, too!

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