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November 29, 2007


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Ummm. I cut my own hair. Such as it is. Doesn't take any time at all, and it's free. But hey, if there's extra fried chicken ...

Old Horsetail Snake

I must be REALLY old. Scamp says I need a haircut, so she takes me and I get one. Easy peasy.


HOss, I can't take him. He won't get in the car!!! LOL.

Nils, uh huh, well in your case, that would be a fairly easy task, I must say. ;)


I have been putting off the haircut thing for MONTHS. My husband (who does not read my blog and so I also use him for blog fodder) said to me the other day. "you have until Wednesday night to get a haircut, If you do not get a professional to cut it, I will be cutting it while you sleep" My 10 year old son happily responsed "Oh Dad can I help" He was so excitied.... I got my haircut Tuesday.


I cut Arthur's hair and it STILL takes forever to get him into the chair! I need to try the fried chicken maneuver next time!


I have no problem with mr. kenju and haircuts. He usually goes every 3-4 weeks. I go once every five weeks.


What's a haircut? ;)


Hubs is the one in our family who gets his hair cut every four weeks like clockwork. We all go, it's a family affair. Sweet Pea gets her bangs cut, Buddy gets his hair cut and Punkin and I usually get our hair trimmed every few months.


Luckie, you deserve some chocolate for that. ;)

Pam, never know, it just might work.....

Kenju, now there's a Man! A man who cares about his appearance! Yes!!!!

Seamus, yeah, but you look good no matter how long your hair is ;)

Kelli, every 4 weeks? Wait'll I tell Rick about that.
every four weeks. man...


My MisterDOF shaves his own head every night in the shower. Then again, all he really has to work on is a little lane around his ears and just above the neck.
When I asked him to hold off awhile so that I have something to run my fingers through, he says those days are long gone. He doesn't want anything rubbing around under his knitted hat.

Our sons are in their 20s with hair thinning on top. I tell 'em they really got a bad deal in the gene pool--great grandpas, grandfathers and dad all bald by age 35.

I got a haircut today. I kept telling the girl to go shorter, up higher on my neck. I can't stand when I put on my knit hat and have all the little wispy ends tickle my neck inside the collar of my coat.
When the winter wind blows on the prairie, comfort goes a long way over style.


Unfair to use fried chicken ... we can't resist it's allure.

Haircuts: A quarterly event to prevent loss of superhuman strength.


Nick shaved his head last summer. He even remembered the anniversary of the day. I don't like it. I've been telling him NOT to cut it. Doesn't seem to be working though. He LOVES it. I HATE it.

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