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November 01, 2007


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Rico Suave, Local 459, International Brotherhood of Felines

Local 459, I.B.F., will be filing yet another grievance on behalf of the hideously mistreated cats in this establishment. As cats, it is our right to identify our belongings and territories, not to mention leave messages for other cats. Removing our messages constitutes restriction of our freedom of speech.

And soaking your house in the stench of citrus is tantamount to creating a hostile environment for our members.

To management, I say "We will not be deterred by your fascist practices." And to my brothers and sisters in the cat movement, I can only say, "Let us spray."

pam could have simply asked me. LOL! This stuff really IS a miracle. I don't know how it works and I don't have to; it's enough that it does.

It can even take male cat spray out of fabrics!


Rico imposter, if you're here to complain about your civil liberties being taken away, please go see Rob. Not a single amendment guarantees the right to spray, nor does it guarantee the right to mark territory by any other means. If I see a single one of your grievance servers marching up my sidewalk,I'll chase them down with the Oxy solution and spray it up their butt.
@!@@! thank you,
the management.

Pam, I had no idea!! we have mostly wood and tile floors and leather furniture, so we've been lucky in that regard. But the cats keep going after plastic and anything made of resin, such as the wet dry vac in the garage, and the friggin vacuum cleaner!!

Rico Suave, Local 459, International Brotherhood of Felines

We only go after the vacuum cleaner because it's easier to hit a stationary target ...


Are you blogging for bucks with this post?


FC, no! But if they want to pay me, by all means, send the moolah! ;)

The stuff really did work for me so I thought I'd pass it on.


yeah well, you ruined my last vac. I never could get the stench out of it.
you owe me a hundred bucks.

Rico Suave, Local 459, International Brotherhood of Felines

Bite me. Take it out of Buddy's drug stash.


I'll put you out on the street, that's what I'll do, you piss spraying whizzaroo.

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