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November 07, 2007


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Tough break!
Prepare for at least higher premiums since you dared to use the service Insurance companies provide.
Good luck with this!


Sorry to hear about the water damage! The mold can be fierce -been there!- but thankfully you got experts in there quickly!

Florida insurance is such a double edged sword; nice to have it but you really don't want to use it unless you suffer an almost total loss because they'll cancel the policy -if you were lucky enough to get one! :(


I am so sorry! The insurance company may well drop you after that.

Old Horsetail Snake

None, it seems. Insurance Companies only want to insure what won't get damaged. Makes sense to me. Yeah, sure....

Laura Updating

Yep, and we've never filed a claim for either house, .... ever.

So far, the ins. company has been excellent. They started working with us immediately and provided a number of contractors, who got on the ball right away. I'm a little surprised at how fast the contractors moved in. I just hope the quality of their work doesn't become an issue. But they are moving quickly and Rick has told them we have a renter waiting, living in a hotel. We want to get the renter in asap. All of them began preparations immediately. In fact, they may get done before I finish painting.... (just kidding).

I hope it continues this way. Having dealt with contractors more often than I'd care to admit, I'm trying not to be cynical, and would very much like to be surprised.


I am so sorry that you are having such trouble! I truly home that the insurance company that you have will surprise you and continue as is! Good luck with all the repairs and clean up.

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