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November 08, 2007


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haha! The cats get in the way of everything, don't they? Always have to be the center of attention.

The kitchen looks wonderful. I will have to start tearing my walls down in there soon, too. You guys did it all - and you should be very proud! Now go get a nice massage and have a nap.



The kitchen looks great - it's been fun to see it at all its various stages.

And yeah, that's a common dynamic in a relationship - one who is linear, the other less tied to the straight and narrow. They say "opposites attract". I believe they mean "collide".

As for the cats ... you ran out of canned salmon? Doesn't that violate your collective agreement? Boy - wouldn't wanna be in your shoes when Rico wakes up. If he ever does.


Great work as usual!
Like the subtle orange. I wish mine was more subtle.
Of course ... I didn't pick it.

We are the opposite ... I'm the wavy wanderer and she is straight and neatly arranged.


The kitchen looks awesome; I love the tile - it's so warm yet elegant! :)

Old Horsetail Snake

But if you start with cats, you end up with cats. Probably.


The tile work is great! I love them on the diagonal like that. My cats used to get up on the counters, but I broke them of it with a small spray bottle of water. You could try that.


When did you take a picture of me sleeping?!?!

By the way.. I love my room.


GREAT lookin' tile. And the orange is so soothing.

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