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November 11, 2007


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I know you are happy that the flooding was not as bad as you first thought! And good tenants are hard to find, so I hope that guy stays!


Damage still looks bad, but glad it is not as bad as you thought at first. Will you have to go in and "fix" everything up yourselves?


What a relief it must be that things aren't quite as horrid as they could have been. And it's great to find a good tenant - that'll take a load off your mind, too.

And yeah - I'm thinking you might want to replace that carpet in the family room ...


Thank God it's not worse! And the dogwoods are gorgeous!


Patsy, the insurance company has hired a contractor who is overseeing everything. We'll make a few more trips up there to check on their work, but otherwise they'll handle it.

Nils, yeah, that carpet there, it's a tad small! ;)

For the record, that's the hall carpet, which was removed. The hall and bedrooms were soaked, although I didn't put up a pic of it here.

Pam, thanks. The dogwoods were just loaded with red berries. I've never seen them look that way, since I'm always down here when they're going through their fall season.

Kenju, we were pretty much relieved. It sounded so bad on the phone!


Dang...I HATE it when that happens. Your dogwoods look marvelous!


That wasn't God yelling at you, it was the retired couple from New Jersey in the Winnebago behind you at the light.
I think God does text messages these days.

Whatever, I'm glad the damage was not as bad as feared and that you have a good tenant.
Nice dogwoods.


FC, that retired couple... always shaking their fist at me when they drive slow in the LEFT HAND LANE. I'm gonna write a post about them, too.

I wish God WOULD text msg me! Most of my friends WON'T. My kids will, however, LOL and some of their friends.

Thanks Poopie. You of all ppl would appreciate the dogwoods just as much as I do. ;)

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