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December 20, 2007


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Brilliant, Laura. Just brilliant. Up and down, one of the best rants I've read on a subject that I consider to be VERY important.

Manners aren't just about making your grandmother feel good by not slurping your soup. Manners are a social contract. They are rules and guides to help us live in a society where we're all very different but share some common goals.

I think so much of what is wrong with society is an extension of the erosion of good manners. Some people find it hard to make the leap between our social malaise and things like incessant texting and voluntary isolation through iPods. I don't.

I think we have a generation (or even two) that is more and more disconnected. And as you say, we've not only allowed it to happen, we've actively encouraged it.

Electronic gadgets are a tool, nothing more. We've allowed them to be used as an escape hatch, a way for kids (and adults) to avoid recognizing one another as human, and important, and worthy of respect.

Funny. It used to be the phone company that was asking us to reach out and touch someone. We're only now seeing how important that is.


What an awesome post.


Wonderful post!!!


There's a generation of nonparenting parents out there right now.
I deal with their spawn everyday.


We had to institute "Blackberry breaks" during long meeting at work. We lived by our cells and Blackberrys, but some just didn't get the concept to turn them off and let them go to voicemail during meetings (also a vital component to our work world)!
We were in a store recently, looking for last minute gifts and a woman was coming at us while talking on the phone (not looking up once) - she was on a collision course. I decided to just stand there and see what would happen and she just ran right into me and had the audacity to say, "Hey! Watch where you are going!" All I can say is she's lucky to still be of this planet! I'm pretty much live and let live, but Judas on a pogo stick, some folks are simply rude with their electronics.


VERY well said Laura!

One of my pet peeves is a friend that often calls our house on his landline phone. Within seconds of us answering, HIS cell will ring and he will take the call. We have to stand there and listen to him talk to someone else. Then he'll finally get back on with us and ask what we wanted. We're like, "hey, YOU called US pal!" LOL! It's funny.. then again..


Right ON! I wish every one took that to heart and taught their kids not to!

Old Horsetail Snake

Peachy keen, young lady.


I get so disgusted with people and their precious cells lately. Some chatters have held me up in retail lines because they are too busy talking to be rung up...others have almost hit me this shopping season chatting in the parking lot driving and not paying attention. I think if people knew how silly they really look taking a call at a funeral (or wedding) how utterly pathetic and small it makes them look as a human being, then they wouldn't do it.

I am starting to really dislike cells...I try to have very good manners with mine. But you are sooo right...parents have to teach manners.

And I adore your banner!


excellent post. I am proud of you.


I was at the movies in a theater in MD over the weekend. The teen couple next to us kept texting during the movie (Golden Compass). It's annoying because the light is distracting! Well...the man on the other side of them flipped OUT about 5 minutes before the end of the movie. He yelled at them at the top of his lungs and said he was going to get the manager. As he went to stomp off...he stomped right on my friend's friend who's a skater and had to skate at 530 am the next morning. So texting is dangerous cause apparently it causes people to freak the hell out!


It's SO refreshing in this day and age to see a mom that's truly a mom and has HER head on straight.
Bravo to you, Laura. You said it all here. And I have to tell ya, it makes me feel good to know there ARE still a few moms today that are teaching their children the right things in life. My daughter is also one of them and I say good for both of you.
In light of the recent Jaime Lynn Spears disaster.....ALL the more kudos to you!
And I wanted to wish you and your family a VERY Merry Christmas, Laura. Enjoy this very special season.


"You can take your groceries to the cash register and pay the bill with your debit card, and really, if you don't want to, you don't even have to talk to the cashier; because you're on the phone, after all, and if you simply nod, that's OK. Human Interaction? Really not necessary."

I HATE it when people do that. At the store where I work, you have to have a shopper's card to get the savings, well people are jabbering away on the phone, completely ignoring the fact that I asked them for theircard like 5 times. They wait until AFTER theyve paid to end their phone call and then proceed to complain that they didnt get their discounts.. hmm I WONDER why?

Saaame thing at the restaurant, you're waiting to take their order and the person on the phone cant say hold on for 2 seconds to tell me what they want to eat.

blahhhh people.


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