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December 23, 2007


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What a weekend!!!!! Thank God y'all are both okay!

Merry Christmas! :D


Wow, I don't blame you for wanting to cancel it. I hope that both of you will be well soon. Merry Christmas!


Wow! I'm just glad he wasn't with me. I'm sure you remember his volleyball experience.


I'm going to try and leave a comment, for some reason, I have not been able to do so lately.

Tell Rick the parking lot at the Gainesville SAM's CLUB is primo for shopping cart riding. Nice slope allows you to build up decent speed.

Merry Christmas to all of the Vitaminsea clan!


Gosh .. riding a cart down a parking lot? What's that like? (g)

I'm glad things turned around for you in time, darlin'. If anyone deserves a lovely Christmas, it's you.

Now, bake some cookies, and steal a couple for yourself, and relax, and enjoy the season. Put your feet up - if there's room on the footstool!


Ah! Holidays! All about giving ... to the Tills: Dr. Till, Penny Till, Rx Till! Just makes ya feel good, doesn't it??? ;)

Hoping your Christmas is a good one Laura - and bones for Buddy!

BTW - here in Texas we have calves big as Rick! heh, heh, heh!


I am SO glad everything worked out ok for you. Take a deep breath, Laura... have a little more egg nog, a lot more cookies and a fabulous holiday. I'll be looking for the Color Guard on ABC Christmas morning. ;)

Merry Christmas to you all from the Three Ring Circus.

Cowboy Joe

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


It's a Christmas miracle, you're all ok!

scott aka Florida Native Musings

Hey I just had the same thing Christmas eve, My 8 yr old Boy came down with it Friday and I got it Monday Early Early AM. They say this bug is going around here in Central Florida, guess it made it your way.

Glad you made it thru okay and your husband has not made it on "Funniest Home Video's" You know there are camara's on parking lots now...

Yours in the Bond


Well I hope you have enjoyed the holidays despite this hectic and stressful start!

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